If you’ve been following the Juxtapoz IG, we hope you’ve enjoyed our live sessions with artists working from home, as they literally reimagine objects and materials found around the house which are readily available and applicable for larger audiences. One of the missions of Juxtapoz is to make the creative life as accessible as possible, and in a time when so many of us are home with time to tune in, these short tutorials are a platform for us to bring these projects to life. We are also starved for connection with our friends, so are eager to partner on activities that will nourish us even when life returns to a sense of normalcy.

Born in these times of uncertainty and disconnection, "If You Were Here Now" is a series of online art therapy sessions. The premise is to present sessions of live and instructional videos of artists doing projects that they find to be therapeutic in their own practice, using simple tools they have around the house or in their studios. Creating simple daily connections, sharing ideas, is a concept we want to uphold and champion in both times of disruption and normalcy.

This video features the work of Tahiti Pehrson, based in the California Gold County town of Nevada City.  Growing up in a household of artists, he started out oil painting, but is now known for his hand-cut paper sculptures, intricate architectural wonders that quietly dazzle. With his family background and art school education, Pehrson became familiar with the Guilloche system of patternmaking, which dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who used the precise patterns to etch out their coins. Based both in mathematics, as well as art and crafts, the sculptures are fulsome with symmetry and balance. As they invite calm and connection, their three dimensional layers channel light and a beautiful transparency that unite the natural and man-made world.

"If You Were Here Now" is a project by Chandran Gallery and People I’ve Loved, with media support by Juxtapoz Magazine.