Anouk Griffioen

September 19, 2012


Anouk Griffioen loves working by herself, creating a true expression of her inner world without any distraction. Her drawing is a solitary pursuit. Her work is supported by images that captured her eye. Photos give her a baseline to work with. She builds her work by starting to sketch; her charcoal drawings come to life while holding an image in her hand, guiding her in the process.

Griffioen finds inspiration in museums and art fairs and collects every little thing that prompts her interest; in the past mostly human figures, but lately she also finds inspiration in nature-related images. People, mainly female figures, have always been important in her work. Griffioen is always searching for someone who looks
very different from her own persona to represent herself or her state of mind in the work. The nature of the materials and techniques she uses in her drawings unveil the people and their feelings: they cannot hide on paper. Mostly she captures people from the back or their faces are hidden, but despite that, the true nature of the
person becomes bare. This makes the images very true and real.

In Griffioen’s drawings there has always been a connection with fashion through the clothing and the models' faces and bodies. She likes the way fashion and art intertwine. At a certain moment Griffioen decided it was best to make the fashion part less visible in order to become more accepted in the art world but that resulted in a complete opposite effect: fashion became increasingly more important in the work. In 2010, she again noticed a shift in her work brought on by her collaboration with fashion photographer Anne Marieke van Drimmelen, a highlight in Griffioen’s career. Her drawings became more abstract and layered, which felt like a newly found freedom. Ever since then art and fashion play an equally big part in Griffioen’s work. Not only are her drawings displayed at art exhibitions, she also finds time to contribute to fashion-related events, magazines and illustrations. She writes both for a fashion blog and an art blog and by doing all this, giving her the best of both worlds.