Andres Guzman's Apocalyptic Illustrations

December 21, 2012
11_08_zombie_andres_guzman_front_magazine_illustration_ink_spread_2_frontmag Well, here we are- The End of the World. Supposedly. If it isn't panning out quite like you'd expected (yet) you're just going to have to use your imagination. With the help of artist and illustrator Andres Guzman, we can get a little visual inspiration as to what this grand Apocalypse may look like. Andres spent most of his youth in Denver, Colorado but is originally from Lima, Peru. He graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art + Design where I majored in illustration and took much interest in graphic design.
12_01_andres_guzman_illustration_ink_magazine_uk_minneapolis_spread_3_frontmag 12_03_andres_guzman_apocalypse_end_of_the_world_illustration_front_magazine_spread_1_frontmag