Amanda Mocci and the Universe

April 04, 2013


Amanda Mocci is a Canadian Illustrator.  She is obsessed with the universe and outer space.  Other than illustrating entire books pushing this point she uses her more figurative pieces of work as a metaphysical allusion to what exists and what does not exist and what our place in things is.  

She illustrates using pencil, gouche and oils and produces highly stylized portraits that have their subjects either deep in contemplation, amazement or in the middle of transformation.  These pieces are realistic and at the same time surreal.  Often times symbols and creatures will appear interacting with the people or the person’s head will quite literally be floating in space.  They’re lovely and touching metaphors for our existence which is hard to define in a time when it seems so much information is at our fingertips.  Amanda’s work seems to ask, “what else is out there?”


Amanda has a solo show opening at Galerie Dentaire in Montreal on June 15th.


Curated by Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic 

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