Allan Innman's Lego-scapes

September 27, 2012
'My current series of work explores the idea of evoking nostalgia through the depiction of toys. As I grow older, I see it fit to immortalize these forgotten objects from my childhood into paintings. The paintings serve as a retrospective of my lost youth. They are the embodiment of a sacred time in my life and many other people’s lives when there are no responsibilities or pressures. My crossing over from childhood to adulthood has left me with a longing for the easy life of childhood. I hope to spark a memory from the viewer’s own childhood when viewing this series by using popular toys from my era. The toys that I used are universal to many people. Objects like Legos, army men, Play-Doh, action figures, dolls all find a place in my subject matter and are easily relatable. Even assembling these objects into the still-life’s composition can be compared to the very act of playing with the toys, reminiscent of so long ago when I was child.' Allan Innman