Alexandra Levasseur and the Art of Memories

April 03, 2013

I chose to include Alexandra Levasseur’s work not only for it’s striking beauty and her gifted ability but also for her combination of illustration and fine art to present her subjects so well.  Her paintings present dream like damsels in distress that have come forth from Alexandra’s imagination out of her childhood memories and loneliness.


Somehow I think we can all relate to the loneliness that these women are presenting, something in the way Alexandra paints them places their own feelings into us.  Or perhaps the feeling has always been there and is summoned back to the present but whichever it is, after looking at Alexandra’s work it’s something that we cannot shake.  But it’s not a bad thing, the sharing of feelings is a beautiful thing and we are left with a sense of knowing something greater.


Alexandra’s ability to preserve and ignite emotion makes her one of my personal favorites. 


Curated by Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic 

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