Alexander and the Art of Alienation

April 02, 2013

Alexander Tinei’s paintings are related to his youth growing up in Eastern Europe (he was born in 1967) where his subjects are marked with haunting blue tattoos.  These blue tattoos are, as Tinei says, marks of alienation.  Whether they’re imagined by their subjects or truly existing on the skin is up to the viewer.

Another aspect of Tinei’s work, to me, is it’s illustrative qualities.  There seems no boundaries to it as it works both in a digital, illustrative world and the fine art world.  A trend that is continuing to grow with artists today thanks to the Internet and the seemingly infinite amounts of places for artists to draw inspiration from and have their work viewed.  Tinei’s work is able to have an effect across the board which is not only interesting because of the themes of alienation but it also contributes to the truly exceptional power of his art.


Curated by Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic
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