Alessia Iannetti

May 17, 2012

Alessia Iannetti was born in 1985 in Carrara (Italy), where she still lives and works. Her work, characterized by an illustrative style, is nourished by poetic elements as she prefers the classical drawing technique. In Alessia's work, she is creating an encounter of hyperrealism with her subjects, adding a surreal dimension where female characters, evanescent as spirits, reign in a space between infancy and adulthood. Her pale creatures, angels, demons, nymphs of the forest, or gothic lolitas, breathe in a natural, fantastic universe where metaphors and dark symbols pullulate. Her moths and ittle hummingbirds sew blinding sutures, or nourish through the blood of a sacred heart. Her dragonflies enlighten the darkness, while other fragile tiny insects, lost in the thick vegetation, live hidden as locked secrets. All these arcane elements are re-interpretated in a dark way by the artist, who associates them to the world of literature and horror movies...