Aleksandra Niepsuj

March 01, 2013



'My ‘art’ story started with the drawing of a duck, swimming in a pond with helicoper-like feet. I was six years old and my mum was sure she should sign me up for an art class. Although the famous drawing disappeared, I kept on developing myself artistically and went to art school.


I work with pencil, ink, paint, spraypaint and collage. I copy old papers, books, magazines, postcards, lettraset by xerox, often magnify some parts. I’m usually searching for interestng patterns and typography. The amusement lies in putting those images into a new context. I work mainly analogue, only slightly correct and clean things up in Photoshop.


In my drawings, I search for humor and ambiguity. I like extreme deformations, but never anything scary— eg. an extremally tall person; surprising juxtapositions, a squirrel on a bike. I am also keen on inventions of the past, unknown spieces, books of records, folk, kids and primitive art (for its sincerity and awkwardness).  When it comes to typography, I am fond of  unprofessional signs and home-made banners.' Aleksandra Niepsuj


Interview excerpt with Aleksandra Niepsuj found VIA