Ada Buchholc's Neverending 'Weltshmerz'

March 20, 2013


Ada Buchholc draws with great juicy swaths of color, capturing faces and figures with her own unique brand of illustration. She lists her influences as the 20’s, 90’s, Ed Wood’s movies, Monkey Island games and neverending “Weltshmerz”:  the feeling that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind. Born in 1987 by the Polish seaside,  Buchholc claims that she can’t swim. “Actually, I can’t even run nor drive a car. Therefore it’s impossible for me to run away from murderer unless I have a bike. I spent my introverted childhood in a very small town, wandering on the potato fields and drawing in the corners. I was in love with Freddie Mercury.” Buchholc’s artwork is just as endearing and interesting as she sounds.