This weekend, Bay-area artist Tess Rubinstein returns to Stephanie Chefas Projects with her latest solo collection of work, A Jug of Wine, A Table in the Sun, and she will be fittingly celebrated at an opening reception to be held at the Portland-based gallery on Saturday, June 8, 2019, before sunset, from 5 to 8 pm.

Drawing from a well of memories and shared symbolism, Rubinstein renders pure joy in its simplest forms: a stretch in the sunlight, a ripe pear, an afternoon in the shade, a tender conversation. She honors those sacred, subtle, yet revelatory sensations we relish in the unspoken experiences of everyday life.

The power of womanhood holds a central place in Rubinstein's work and her latest offering is no exception. As she explores a woman's connection with herself and her surroundings, Rubinstein transforms physical figures into permeable abstractions, creating an exchange between inside and out. Emotive colors like the soft purple of dusk or the warm gold of sunshine on skin exalt the senses. Ultimately, the work encourages a nurturing of self, environment, and presence.

Sit down. Bask. Take a sip.

Tess Rubinstein's "A Jug of Win, a Table in the Sun" will be on display at Portland's Stephanie Chefas Projects from June 8, 2019, to July 13, 2019.