Ian Francis "10,000 Years From Now" @ Lazarides Rathbone, London

April 26, 2012

We were very excited to see the title of Ian Francis' newest exhibition, 10,000 Years From Now. Obviously, his work resonates with this title perfectly. There seems to be this distant future mixed with familiar figurative elements in each Francis painting, a surreal, mystical experience that has a foundation of contemporary. Francis' latest body of work examines the "fragility of this lifetime in contrast to geological timescales." 10,000 Years From Now opens on Friday, April 27 at Lazarides larger Rathbone space in London.

From the gallery:

Inspired by his fascination with the Internet and other technological forms of mass communication, Francis isolates popular scenarios from the present and examines their inherent fragility against collapsing architectural backdrops as they exist within digital formats. His latest body of work highlights the perilous nature of our constructed world and brings into focus the futility of our social legacy.

Francis continues to draw inspiration and raw material from cinema, pornography, street culture, and images sampled from the Internet, synthesizing these sources into a quasi-literal vision of the "mediated" landscape. Through his work he explores society’s obsession with popular culture and the detachment he personally undergoes in relation to this pervasive sense of societal collapse and impending apocalypse.

Ian Francis
10,000 Years From Now
27th April 2012 - 24th May 2012
Lazarides Rathbone
London, England