Matt Leines "Hyperbolic" @ Beginnings, Brooklyn

Apr 11, 2013 - May 05, 2013Beginnings, Brooklyn

Via our friends at Juxtapoz Latin America, Brooklyn based Matt Leines recently opened a solo exhibition, Hyperbolic, at Beginnings in Brooklyn. After living in Philadelphia for a few years, the artist moved to New York and settled into a rhythm that was both fresh and cheerful, or as the gallery notes:

"Those who follow (Leines') work may have noticed a shift in the last few years, somebody flipped a switch in the artist’s brain–or maybe spun a dial–and all sorts of things began to happen: visible spectrum increasing, palette spinning out, subjects becoming more universal and less referential. In jazz-speak, he’d been Miles Ahead, but now suddenly we’re On the Corner. An old man in the cave burning the soft sage of enlightenment (possibly holding a formless trumpet). And in that rarest of artistic progressions, something newish and exciting occurred, a good thing. Did he have a mountaintop experience, Damascus road or swinging acid journey? No, sir. First there was Da Vinci, then Picasso and now there is Matt Leines and this show is called Hyperbolic."

Hyperbolic is open through May 5, 2013