Hydrodynamica @ Space 4 Art, San Diego

February 01, 2012

Hydrodynamica is a Pacific Standard Time exhibition cataloguing a progressive history in surfboard design and its influence on California culture in other fields such as sculpture and design. Curated by Richard Kenvin, a long time San Diego surfer for over forty years, the show focuses primarily on shapes by Bob Simmons and Carl Ekstrom, and also features shapes from the likes of Nicholas Mirandon, George Greenough, Steve Lis, and Skip Fry just to name a few. In conversation, the various shapes invoke a dialogue between the various designs and innovations. These innovations, although primarily functional pursuits, also received acclaimed as aesthetic works of art. Andy Warhol even bought two of Ekstrom's shapes for his 1968 film "San Diego Surf" as props for the campy production. The show opened this past Saturday with live music, food from the Miho Gastrotruck, and a good turn out from the diverse surf and art community in San Diego. The exhibition will be on view until March 9th.

http://www.sdspace4art.org/2012/01/january-28-2012/ All photos by Soren Heil ©