Hotel in Australia Offers the Chance to Steal a Banksy

January 19, 2012
We had seen a few news reports about this in late December, but we couldn't quite wrap our heads around it. Art Series Hotels in Melbourne offered their guests the opportunity to steal a Banksy from the hotel grounds. If they got away with the theivery, they kept the art, and if they were caught, the work went back to the hotel. So, this begs the question, how do you not get caught?

Two pieces were available to steal, including No Ball Games seen above, and another piece, Pulp Fiction. No Ball Games was stolen. Pulp Ficition is still there.



ArtDaily reports on some of the attempted stealing methods:

• Re-wiring the internal security cameras so would be thieves couldn't be seen

• Distracting the security with stories of broken room furniture and fittings

• Scantily clad women distracting staff

• A man with a tall broom attempted to unhinge the painting and run away

• A few brazen hit and run attempts

• Some imposters pretending they were hotel staff

• Another Imposter pretending he was a tradesman (complete with a ladder)

• A Bonnie and Clyde post modern attempt by two people who Twittered their every move

• Even tennis super star Serena Williams recently gave it a crack