Honda Project Drive-In: Saving A Piece of Artistic Heritage

October 01, 2013

For years, Juxtapoz favorites Robert Williams, Eric White, Von Dutch, and Big Daddy Roth have depicted their love of car culture and cinema with a sense of nostalgia and pride. There have even been a few Drive Ins sneaking their way into the works. Sadly, if you live in America, that slice of history is leaving us, as many Drive-In theaters are vanishing across the US due to high costs. Pretty cool then that Honda has a new campaign to help save this slice of cinematic history. See how @Honda is helping save the Drive-In with their new project, #SaveTheDriveIn.

We gathered some paintings of car culture and drive-ins from our web archive today, from Robert to Eric White, Keith Weesner and others who made it into our Car Culture book