Hilary Pecis "Crash" @ Park Life, SF

Apr 18, 2014 - May 18, 2014Park Life, San Francisco

We are going to check out the new exhibition by one of our favorite artists and friends, Hilary Pecis, who is opening "Crash" at Park Life in San Francisco on Friday, April 18th. Pecis first caught our attention, and was featured in our print edition, for her amazing mixed-media collages that featured found imagery on the web. For "Crash" Hilary Pecis presents a series of collages composed of large scale photos of high profile NASCSAR crash scenes that were cut up and reassembled in order to present a reinterpretation of the events. 

Go check out the show! Its open through May 18, 2014. We have a collection of past Pecis work in the gallery above.