Highway Portraits by Diego Gimenez

February 18, 2012

Morning, afternoon, evening... all commutes seem to be full of waiting. Photographer Diego Gimenez has taking those pensive, lost moments and turned into Highway Portraits, a series of photos documenting other drivers in traffic jams. There is nothing spectacular happening, just quietly mundane, reflective moments of one of the most universal experiences that humanity goes through everyday.

As the artist states, "How do you take photos when you don't have time to do it? I have 1 hour of travel to work, and I always love to capture moments without altering them. Moments without any spectacular thing, just moments in life, a fraction that it will be lost (like tears in the rain like that blade runner dialog), a fraction in peoples lifes. I like people in their cars, going to work, I like how each car is the perfect reflection of the driver, like dogs and their owners. I like it because are very private photos in a public space, they are in their own world, I could almost see their thoughts or their conversations."