Heading Down South: Juxtapoz @ Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

June 01, 2012

Around this time of year an odd thing happens, my inbox starts swelling up with requests for meetings, my thumbs begin going into cross training mode, and my eyes become acutely tuned towards women in scantly clad outfits.  These may seem like unrelated personal issues to some, but to me they are a sign from the universe that the world's largest video game conference is approaching. 

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it has been lovingly deemed, is slowly becoming a annual tradition here at Juxtapoz. The genre that started out as 8-bit blobs on a gray scale screen has grown up over the years, and become a mainstay in our society. Video games have inspired, entertained and distracted a generation, while generating some unique genres of art all their own (8 Bit Art here and here ). With game designers looking for new aesthetics in both the musical and visual spectrum of their games, new artists are being tapped to build these games. (Check the incredible concept art and artwork for Crysis 3 in this post)

This year's E3 is expected to bring new ways to interact, distribute, and communicate. Interact through the new Nintendo system Wii U, announced last year but expected to make its true debut this year, and it's revolutionary screen-in-controller model. Distribute through new streaming cable deals with XBOX 360, and a rumor about cloud based gaming platform (Gaikai or OnLive) distributed through Sony's Playstation 3. And communicate with hints of integration with Microsoft's recently acquired Skype and the XBOX 360 Kinect. Of course the real attraction at this conference is the games! Expect there to be a lot of new shiny eye candy (Borderlands 2, Crysis 3, Halo 4), mixed in with a healthy dose of retro like we started to see at last year's E3 (Double Dragon: Neon ,Super Mario Wii U, Worms Revolution). 

Stay tuned for coverage all next week. —Nick Lattner / Juxtapoz Video Game Editor