We are really excited about this one: Ryan Travis Christian, David Jien, Toshio Saeki, and Adrienne Kammerer are all in a fantastic looking show, "Happily Until Their Deaths," opening at Narwhal Projects in Toronto on October 20. The show is based around what curator Kristin Weckworth notes as “Happily Until Their Deaths” being once a popular concluding pronouncement to fairy tales in the 1600s. This eventually softened into the more familiar “happily ever after”.

The original text offers a starker reality, a darker realization that perhaps there are no happy endings but merely happy stopping places and that the release we experience within these moments of hallucinatory escapism are one of life’s provoking pleasures. If this is all in our heads, we invite you take comfort in the shared experience of storytelling offered through the channeling of subconscious narratives depicted through the drawings of Ryan Travis Christian, David Jien, Adrienne Kammerer, and Toshio Saeki.

Text by Kristin Weckworth, Curator

Happily Until Their Deaths runs from Oct 20-Nov 21.