Hannah Stouffer & Hilary White "Ingress Egress" @ Paradigm Gallery

Jul 24, 2015 - Sep 12, 2015Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia

This Friday, July 24th Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia will be presenting Ingress/Egress, an exhibition by Hannah Stouffer and Hilary WhiteIngress/Egres slightly balances its journey in a space created of compressed experiences, a meditative dialogue of depth and transcendence.

The unity of the show explores the illusory imagery manifested in the dimensional aspects of the work. Stouffer’s work leads one into a natural play of self-realization through visually mapped out emotional planes; her conscious decision to pour energy into the viewer finding diverse ways to simple answers that lie within.

Whereas, White’s work doesn't find its focus in individual journeys, but rather offers the viewer a challenge to seek answers from questions not of their making. Her pieces investigate themes of belief and faith that seem to pool and spill out their vortex of brightly colored layers when tempted with the futility of a singular understanding.

Both artists rewardingly dabble with where one goes emotionally in the gateway of a question. In pursuit of a reveal, they have pulled off the linking of many meditations. In its most basic form, the ownership of the works lie in the oneness of everyone who’s asked the eternal ‘why’ of the universe and made beautiful the uncertainty of the answers.

Hannah Stouffer & Hilary White "Ingress Egress"
Paradigm Gallery
Philadelphia, PA

Opening reception: Friday, July 24, 2015 5:30pm – 10:00pm
On view: July 24th - September 12th, 2015