Hanksy's Bi-Curious George

July 25, 2012

Hanksy, the notorious prankster who has been mocking up a variety of celebrity spoofs that range from hisĀ 'Ferrell Cats' to Bruce Willis murals such as the one wittily titledĀ "Pie Hard", recently implemented a new work: 'Bi-Curious George', a figure that pokes at the ongoing questionings of George Clooney's sexuality (a claim that has confidently denied by Clooney himself). The open-minded monkey is even armed with a (very) suggestively shaped banana. What does George Clooney think of this? We don't know quite yet, but we are pleased with Hanksy's ongoing jabs at celebrities and lighthearted approach to street art, and we're sure some people in the Lower East End are having some giggles as they walk past.