Group Show: "Palabra" @ Succulent Studios, Brooklyn

May 27, 2014

We went to check out the second group show of Succulent Studios, a new and unique 3,000 square foot gallery space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Palabra is an installation based exhibit that features 7 New York based artists: Rubin, Beau Stanton, Sek3, El Sol 25, Michael Alan, Katie Balloons and Iena Cruz. The group was given at least one common goal: they want to take over from the floorboards to the rafters, and Succulent is satisfied to offer them exactly what they want.

If you want to see a massive (8’ by 8’) “Rubin’s Cube”, a ship coming out of a wall, and much more, check out Palabra. The exhibition is currently open and will be on view until it’s closing party on June 21, which will feature a living installation by Michael Alan.

text and images by Varenka Ruiz