"Group Session": Julian Rogers @ .T.F.R. Gallery, San Diego

Mar 22, 2013 - Apr 07, 2013TFR Gallery, San Diego

Opening this Friday evening in Encinitas is a solo-exhibitoin of works by San Diego-based painter Julian Rogers. Be sure to stop by this emerging San Diego gallery and see what Rogers has been working on over the past two years. Here's a bit from the press:

.T.F.R. Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition by San Diego-based painter Julian Rogers. Entitled Group Session, the show will be Rogers’ first solo show since moving to the West Coast from New York City in 2012. This collection of Julian Rogers’ paintings, produced over a period of two years, presents an exploration of the ways in which psychoanalysis and therapy can be used as a model for generating imagery and disrupting stable relationships to content.

In this series of paintings, content is liberated from a unified approach. Depictions of plastic heads and Viagra are presented alongside contemplations of plywood and car crashes. These disparate images, understood as a unified group, are related in a variety of ways to both psychoanalysis and its offshoots. Some scenes, such as wrestlers caught in a moment of homoerotic contemplation, illustrate content and can be read quickly. Others, a cover of the Virgin Suicides dvd, refuse an assigned meaning and never quite settle into place. The obvious and the obscure, together, create a dynamic of readability. The approach to paint application is similarly inconsistent. Photorealistically painted images contend with expressive marks and text paintings, challenging both the boredom of replication and the urgency of expression, just as therapy questions the languages with which we represent ourselves.

The opening reception will also feature a DJ performance by Alexander Jarman