Video: Mausolée by Sowat

July 09, 2012

In 2012, 40 French artists were invited by Sowat and Lek to paint a 430,000 sq ft abandoned casino supermarket in the Northern region of Paris.  For over a year artists came and added their work to the massive structure.  An exhibition was eventually held and the following video was created along with the project.


The Following artist participated in this project:

Apotre, Bims, Blo, Bom.k, Boyane, Brusk, Butterfly, Clickclacker, Dem189, Domone, Fleo, Gilbert1, Gris1, Hobz, Honda, Jayone, Jaw, J.P, Kan, Katre, Keboy, Lek, Manyak, Monsieur Qui, O’Clock, Omick, Onde, Outside, Paum/Sarin, Rems, Res, Romi, R. Skyronka, Sambre, Seth, Shook, Siao, Skio, Smo, Sowat, Spei, Swiz, Tcheko, Thias, Wxyz