video: Dabs & Myla - Ono'u Festival Tahiti teaser

March 13, 2014


The Ono’u Festival in Tahiti is getting closer. Leading up to the festival in May, Dabs & Myla painted a Tahitian themed wall in Long Beach to get into the Tahitian spirit early! ONO’O is the first worldwide graffiti event to ever take place in Tahiti and they are offering $10,000 to the winner. That’s the most cash we’ve ever heard being offered for a contest involving graffiti. There are a number of well-known artists who have been invited to create murals but not actually compete in the battle such as Sofles, Aroe, Askew, Dabs & Myla, Inti, Kems and more. Get your sunblock and spray fingers ready!

More information on the festival can be found at their websiteFacebook and Youtube.