Twigs interviewed by Getnloose

October 26, 2012

Twigs who is known for dropping top-notch pieces and has a serious handstyle, was recently interviewed by the website Getnloose. We have always enjoyed seeing new work from him and now we get some further insight into the man behind the letters.


1. Tell us who you are, how you came about your name, what crews you rep and how long you have been writing.

I write Twigs. I was given the name Twigs by one of my closest friends, Dio 420. I don’t remember the exact reason why I was given this name, but at the time I was very skinny and the name Twigs seemed to fit me well.

I rep TGE – “The Great Escape.” TGE crew was started by Curve and Esteme in Philidelphia.

I rep SBS – “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.” SBS is a crew that consists of close childhood friends from my small hometown in the Pacific Northwest.

I was also just put down in YME by Ichabod this last week. Really excited to push YME.

I picked up the spray can in 1999 and have not stopped since.


2. Who was your biggest influence when coming up?

In a sense I owe a lot of my influence to Chino BYI. If it wasn’t for the Graf flix section in The Sourcemagazine, I most likely would not have found graffiti. I attribute my motivation to continue writing graffiti over the years to some of the photos that were in that magazine. Since my early teenage years I have wanted to paint at the skill level of some of those old New York productions. One day I will reach this goal.

Soon after, I met my longtime painting partner (Other) in our high school art class. He was a year younger then I was but he ran with some older guys who had shown him the ropes a little bit. I can vividly remember the first day I met Other. He had his blackbook with him. At that time I had just been tagging and drawing naked women on my desk so when he showed me his blackbook I was blown away. This kid had page after page of full-color burners with characters and everything. I had finally found someone to paint with. Soon we were making trips to the local hardware store to steal paint and tips. As luck would have it, our small town had these two huge train tunnels with lots of space. We started to paint there every weekend. At the time we really had no clue what we were doing, but I think that was what made it so fun and interesting. During those first years of piecing Other was much better then I was. He had decent letters, good can control and natural artistic talent. Every time we rolled a wall out I was just trying to keep up. That was my initial motivation to get better. He influenced me a lot along with a list of other close friends. Dio 420/Main, Fist (RIP) and Dysko. Some of the people who came through and painted memorable pieces in the tunnels over the years were Awe 2, Heat, Myth, Remio, Sneke, Diar, Saer, Puzle, Nerves, Slim, Slope Floe crew, Vapor, Sasquatch, Cern, Besea and Neros.

In our area there were many great writers and crews that either lived there or passed through from time to time to paint. The writers who stood out to me early on were Amps, Menes, Next (RIP), Whirl, Plus One (RIP), Jugs, Koso/Cosoe, Slaer 4DC, Jessie 4DC, Oursin, Buz, Riner, Organs, Rain, Som OFA, Jaber and Jasper. In my opinion, the crews that stood out to me and influenced the area I lived in were 4DC/LFC, DTC/KYT, DVS, TITS Crew, TNK and GPK.

We were also able to acquire a few graffiti magazines early on from a local music store. The first one we got was the Urban Autograph Issue 8. It had lots of flicks from California. That really got us juiced and gave us new directions on what graffiti was supposed to look like. Other also some how acquired a VHS copy of VideoGraf Issue 9 with Cost and Set and Doms. That really dropped some knowledge on us at that time.

A year or two into painting my crew and I ventured out of our city and into the country and found the freights. This brought a lot of new influences for us. There was freights coming in from all over the country. We saw lots of A2M freights, Worms, Lewis, etc. Tyboe from Lords Crew always had pieces in our yard. Meter, Depths and Bruiser had tags on almost every car in the yard. And various other pieces from all over the country.


The entire interview can be read at Getnloose


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