"Time Flies In Taipei" Preview @ AMPM Gallery

May 16, 2012

Taipei is one long jet-lagged flight away from where we rest our head, but if you are on the island of Taiwan this Saturday night there is a good art show to check out.  Graffiti writers, Optimist and Stuey, will be showing new work at the AMPM Gallery in a show entitled Time Flies in Taipei. Optimist sent over a video and some exclusive preview shots of work that will be on display.  Go!


"Time Flies in Taipei’

Opening May 19th 2012


‘AMPM Studio’ invites well-known 'Oakland' and 'San Francisco' based graffiti artists 'Optimist' and 'Stuey' to collaborate on an art installation, which exposes a glimpse of the artists’ lives in 'Taipei'.

Together they have created an informal montage of mixed media pieces, which document the unique cultural experiences they encountered during their adventures in 'Taipei'. Their work is a representation of their collective experiences living and working in Taipei for the past six years, laced with comedic overtones.


Since moving to 'Taiwan', both artists experienced the highs and lows of living in a foreign country as they adapted to a new culture. This has profoundly influenced their impressions of 'Taipei'.

This body of work features iconic images of Taipei, and focuses on how the city is changing both physically and culturally.  Many of the concepts and materials collected in their artistic creations were discovered by the artists while foraging in abandoned spaces,and building sites.


The artists view many of the found objects, such as old documents letters and photographs, as relics from the past and incorporate these objects into their art to show a dichotomy between the Taipei of the present, and the Taipei of the past.


The exhibit also includes a typographical element as well incorporating a unique version of they're own "Pinying".

With little formal 'Mandarin' language training,these artists have avoided the formal romanizations of regular 'Mandarin', and translated it into what they describe as a “Mandarin-English mashup”, which is a type of idiosyncratic "Romanization" based on their own interpretations of the sounds of common words and phrases.

The incorporation of this informal, haphazard "Romanization" of 'Mandarin' lends a certain esoteric hilarity to their work.


To show their support for the local people and communities of 'Taipei City', the ‘Time Flies In Taipei’ exhibit will donate proceeds generated by the show to 'The Foundation for Battered Women and Children', a non-profit organization that helps women and children exposed to domestic violence and abuse.


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