The Paintings of Pablo Cristi

July 14, 2012
jux_pablo_christi2 Los Angeles born, Oakland-based artist, Pablo Cristi, creates vibrant paintings and sculptures relating to pop culture, graffiti, religion, history, gangs, and “Bling culture,” are favorite topic of all. As his website states, “ Cristi’s work is motivated by an active political awareness and is steeped in a critical inquiry of power, representation and history.” “ His investigations of the colonial past, present, and future often take the form of paintings and sculptural objects that deconstruct and commingle urban visual vernaculars.”
To see more of the artist's work visit his website.
jux_pablo_christi1 jux_pablo_christi3 jux_pablo_christi4 jux_pablo_christi5 jux_pablo_christi6