Steven "Espo" Powers in Besancon (video)

July 26, 2017

Honored to be able to paint so close to the very cradle of graffiti, those of cavemen in Lascaux, France, Steve "ESPO" Powers recently painted a large mural Bien Urban fest in Besançon. Legendary NY artist created this rich composition consisting of French words used in everyday English and English words used in everyday French.

Bridging the gap between two cultures and showing their differences and similarities, Espo wrapped up this poetic piece by involving the locals to contribute. "In the 30 something years I have been painting graffiti I have learned one basic truth," says Powers, "If I paint my name on your wall, you will be really angry, but if I write your name on my wall you will be really happy." —Sasha Bogojev

Bien Urbain 2017 - ESPO, Stephen Powers - Besançon from Juste Ici on Vimeo.