StayHigh 149 Rest In Peace

June 12, 2012

Legendary New York graffiti writer, Wayne “StayHigh 149 Roberts, passed away yesterday at the age of 61.  The artist who began writing in 1971 was known for his smoking stick figure and uni-wide “Voice of the Ghetto” tags.  After disappearing completely in 1975, it would be 25 years until Stayhigh surfaced again, emerging with a well-attended gallery show.  Stayhigh continued to write his name in the street despite his age and influenced generations of writers.  Here is a collection of images picked off from around the web.


jux_stay_1491 jux_stay_1492 jux_stay_1493 jux_stay_1494 jux_stay_1495 jux_stay_1496 jux_stay_1497 jux_stay_1498 jux_stay_1499 jux_stay_14910 jux_stay_14911 jux_stay_14912 jux_stay_14913 jux_stay_14914 jux_stay_14915 jux_stay_14916 jux_stay_14918