"Outside The Box" Book Preview

August 10, 2012

In June 2010, France-based artist, Jiem, took a trip to North America where he documented and interviewed many of the prolific artists in the moniker scene, creating a limited edition book titled “Outside The Box” of his findings. With short interviews with the Colossus of Roads, Take 5, Virginia Zeke, and more, this carefully crafted book is a great find for anyone interested in railway culture. Get a copy before they are gone here.


All Photos courtesy of The Flop Box


jux_theflopbox_outside_the_box_zine1 jux_theflopbox_outside_the_box_zine2 jux_theflopbox_outside_the_box_zine3 jux_theflopbox_outside_the_box_zine4 jux_theflopbox_outside_the_box_zine5 jux_theflopbox_outside_the_box_zine6