"Murderers" Mural Buffed by NYPD

July 27, 2012

Ket, Noxer and Tres painted a permissioned mural with the word “Murderers” and plainclothes NYPD officers have taken it upon themselves to buff it. The mural consisted of several tombstones and coffins with epitaph names that included the NYPD, the EPA, Halliburton and Monsanto, to name a few. The NYPD buffed the mural based on “the broken window” theory and the quality-of-life of local residents. Many members of the community expressed their appreciation for the mural and free speech, but in a policed city like New York any opinion of opposition to the establishment is treated as an immediate threat.


jux_murders3 jux_murders4 jux_murders5 jux_murders6 jux_murders1 jux_murders2 Via 12oz