"Put It In The Ditch, Brah!" print by Persue @ 1xRUN

October 27, 2013

"Put It In The Ditch, Brah!" print by Persue @ 1xRUN

San Diego-based graffiti writer, Pursue, has released a new print entitled “ Put it in the ditch, Brah!” that is now available through 1XRUN. Best part about this print is that it contains glow-in-the-dark elements, which make it a tough contender to your regular ‘ol nightlight. This RUN comes signed, numbered in an edition of 85 and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Persue and 1xRUN. 

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"Before we left California for the East Coast Rime told me to put some ideas together for our stop in Detroit and at the 1xRun headquarters. He wanted to introduce me to the guys and help push getting me to release a print. Because things were hectic before leaving I wasn’t able to get anything together. By the time I got to Chicago I still didn’t have anything. Rime, Mason and I had been through a few cities by then and were pretty tired. The night before our stop in Chicago we were in Nebraska. Nebraska was fucking nasty as all hell. It is where we hit a patch of black ice and did 4 huge 360 spins down the highway with semi trucks barreling down the highway behind us. All I could get out of my mouth was “Put it in the ditch man”! That became the quote for the rest of the trip." - Persue