Ouch Interviewed...

November 28, 2012

Seatlle-based graffiti writer, Ouch, was recently interviewed by the website Getnloose.  Those unfamiliar with his work should check it out.

1. Tell us who you are, how you came about your name, what crews you rep and how long you have been writing?


I write Ouch, I came up with it awhile back when I was in between words. I really liked it because it was and still is very challenging for me. I think thats why I kept it. I go by Ouchey as well. I have been writing since 1999, I rep THR, MLS and Qset.


2. Who was your biggest influence when coming up?


My biggest influence coming up was Diefor, he goes by cash1st sometimes as well. I met him around 9 years ago I guess. He really showed me the ways on structure and style. I still don’t really know why he chose to be my guide. Changed my life though really, he looked after me in life, graffiti and beef.

And second to him would be vic20, he really taught me how to push myself on a bombing level that i needed. He also gave me a lot of advice and helped me get out of crime. i consider these two guys to be very important to me and helped me out with many things. special thanks to both of them. Read the entire interview at Getnloose Jux_ouch1