May 16, 2014

With the competition over and all large murals completed, a group of artists headed on a day field trip to Moorea Island to eat, swim with sharks and stingrays, and soak in the tropical luxuries. As most worked on their murals for just about a week, the rest and relaxation was essential. Reflecting on our week spent in Tahiti we can genuinely say that the group of artists chosen to participate were some of the most humble, egoless and talented individuals we've had the pleasure to watch work. Sofles, Soten, Dabs, Myle, Kems, Askew, Inti, Suiko Mad C, Besok, Alex, Brok, SeyB, Moon Hopare and all the competitors contributed incredible work to the city of Papeete and their efforts should be applauded. Hopefully the work left behind will influence a new generation of Tahitians looking for a creative outlet with ether a spraycan, roller or brush. We want to especially thank Sarah and Jean for organizing such an incredible event, and Sajme for being an excellent host! We look forward to next year!A special thanks to Sarah adnd Jean for organizing such an incredible event!