May 14, 2014

Continuing with our exclusive coverage from the Ono’u Tahiti Graffiti Festival, we bring you another round of photos from the spray madness happening all around the small city of Papeete. While many of the artists creating large-scale-murals wrapped up their walls, the two-day competition and events began. On the first day, 23 competitors from around the world were each given a selection of colors and a designated section to paint. With a five-hour time limit each artist showed off their talents with no restrictions to content. By the end of the day the judges had come to a decision and selected ten competitors to continue on to the final round happening the next day. The chosen artists were Berst, Phats, Devate, Asend, Transone, Mast, Maniak, Abuz, Kalouf and Jops. In addition to the competition, Alex, Brok, Seyb, Askew, Mad C, Sofles, Soten, Suiko and Hopare all started painting a very large wall on the other side of the event space.