New Looks: Graffiti Na Gradele Fest In Croatia

August 04, 2017

Graffiti Na Gradele festival (graffiti barbecue), in Bol on Brach in Croatia recently wrapped up their successful 6th edition. Started as a small local gathering on the scenic island in the middle of Adriatic, this year's event was probably the biggest and most successful to date.

After years of featuring mostly local artists, music performers and skateboarders, the 6th GNG fest hosted couple of renowned names from the world of street art and graffiti. The main characteristic of this event is its laid back vibe that makes it feel more as a spontaneous gathering rather than organized project. And the pieces produced this year are clearly displaying such vibe. Croatian realist spray paint artist Lonac painted a large portrait of Dionysus, his vision of god of hedonism and street art. With meticulously rendered elements that evoke classic painting, such as drapes, light and shadow effects, as well as the main motif,it quickly became the centerpiece of this years event.

Zagreb-based graffiti artists Chez 186 & Sarme painted a vibrant image that glorifies the celebratory feel around them while hiding couple of cheeky messages in the piece. Inspired by the secluded location he was working in, Serbian artist Artez painted an image showing a lighthouse character guiding a sail boat in the night. Spanish painters Sebas Velasco and Inigo Sesma collaborated on a mural that represents their vision of the area, including such elements as a portrait of a festival goer, a local car, common city architecture and graphic elements from old tourist guides. Even the clever subway art based piece by French Jace and Croatian brothers Lunar and Smack184 successfully captured the party mood with artists' signature characters invading stacked NYC train cars in the middle of a lush Mediterranean pine tree forest. —Sasha Bogojev

Photos by SilkFatBlues and Sasha Bogojev