Iconic Hip-Hop/Graffiti Film "Wild Style" Celebrated It's 35th Anniversary in New York's SummerStage

August 27, 2018

Wildstyle is a movie that defined hip-hop's style and culture. The film was created by Charlie Ahearn, encompassing all the elements of hip-hop and focusing on the story of zoro(LEE) and his quest, dealing with love, the law, and the pressures of the art world. After 35 years, the film is still held as one of the first movies to truly represent the youth movement of the early 1980s from the perspective of graffiti writers. On August 9, 2018, as part of the Summerstage Park concert series, they brought the 35th anniversary of the movie to the East River Stage, the Bandshell where the final scene of the film was filmed. Graffiti writers who were originally in the film also showed up in full force representing different crews and eras within NYC's legacy of the movement. DJ Funk Flex headlined the event, and additional special guests like Almighty Kay Gee, Busy Bee, DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore, DJ Tony Crush, Eclipse, EZ AD, Grand Master Caz, Patti Astor, and Rodney C also performed. After the musical tribute, they showed the classic film for the audience. It was a night where hip-hop felt alive in New York City, bringing together old and young to get down. ––Barrett Moore

Words and photos by Barrett Moore