HuskmMitNavn gets interviewed over at Wertical

January 17, 2014

The Danish graffiti writer/artist, HuskMitHavn, has a newly opened exhibition at Ruttkowski68 gallery in Cologne, Germany and the people over at Wertical sat down to interview the busy artist. A quick read worth your time.

Wertical: Looking at your artworks, it quickly becomes clear that you have some connection to graffiti culture. In what way?

HuskMitNavn: I was pretty obsessed with drawing from an early age. I came in contact with graffiti in 1985, 1986… a lot of the older kids at my school in the suburbs were writers, but I was too young and well-behaved to start painting too. It wasn’t until 1993 that I picked up a spray can. Graffiti was a way for me to start drawing again. I had stopped drawing when I was 13 and was missing it a lot. Graffiti was the answer and it finally led to many other things.

WE: Your artist name is an alias. That surely results from your time as a graffiti insider, doesn’t it?
HMN: Yes, I just stayed anonymous when I began to make art, because it makes working easier. You only have to concentrate on the important stuff and not how your hair looks.

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