Hurt You Bad #1: Concealed Intentions Magazine

December 12, 2012
“A Graffiti magazine with little to no graffiti in it” from the English graffiti website, Hurt You bad in collaboration with Topsafe. This shiny, nicely printed, well-curated piece of eye candy is packed with all sorts of underground goodness. In this issue, New York-based graffiti click, Smart crew talks about their history, the New York scene and all things graffiti at the recently hyped rapper, Action Bronson’s house. We enjoyed the ideas and thoughts on the future of graffiti introduced by Reyk. There are nice features on the work of Roids, Horfe, Will Robson Scott, Stephen K. Schuster, Seb Gorey, and many more talents artists. Oh, and there is a photospread of pig plastic surgery that is fairly gruesome. Need I say more? Pick up a copy at Topsafe.
Photos courtesy of TheFlopBox
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