Finnish Artist EGS Gets His Graffiti Art on Finland's Postal Stamp

June 19, 2018

According to the info we just received from Finland, the Scandinavian country might be the first one to feature graffiti on their national postage stamps. Finish graffiti legend EGS, who recently had a large exhibition at Kunsthalle Helsinki, got the honor to have his work featured on Finnish stamps that will be released this September 2018.

The release is the result of Posti Ltd's art promotion award of 2018, which this year was given to graffiti artist, EGS. The award includes a monetary prize and a stamp publication of the artist’s work, in this case, photos of two different graffiti pieces by the artist. One was his piece from 2015, which was painted with the local writers in a warehouse area in Melbourne, Australia, while the second  illustrates classic letters E, G and S that form the map of the world, painted on the side of a truck in St Petersburg. 

Aside from being great recognition for the graffiti movement, the connection of post and graffiti writers has a long history, which the artist explained. “I had tons of pen pals all around the world and we exchanged photos of graffiti. After the graffiti stamps have been published in September, I will send a bundle of photos to my old colleagues around the world using first day covers and the stamp that I have designed. I’m really looking forward to it.” 

Text by Sasha Bogojev