Bird Man's Vietnam Spraycation

May 14, 2018

Our friend Bird Man went on a trip to Vietnam to cover some of the vibrant graffiti culture there. Upon arriving, he linked up with a number of graffiti writers from Los Angeles, Oakland, NYC, London, South Africa, and Australia, hanging out and chronicling their hijinks. Writers and artists included Lady Aiko, Mine, Mein, Dan, Abys, Glam, Sixte, Opt1, ZNC, Rice, Answer, Rots, and Kong. The crew rode around on mopeds hitting spots at night, navigating the crowded terrain that is densely filled in the daytime. Most folks were open to the idea of writing graffiti, and glanced on with intrigue rather than hostility. They covered ground and had some fun, enjoyed lots of phở, and Bird Man immortalized the trip in photos and a video below.