Begr gettin busy...

November 17, 2013

Begr gettin busy...

Begr is probably in more crews than any writer around and his name has been popping up in multiple cities across the U.S. He keeps things rather simple, adding his own touch of funk to his spray activities. Getnloose caught up with the busy bomber to ask some questions.

Exert from Getnloose:

1. Tell us who you are, how you came about your name, what crews you rep and how long you have been writing?

BEGR from the united states of america . repin WGE BA THR WMD NSF OTR N4N RTM ALL CREWS #YALLDONT

2. Who was your biggest influence when coming up?

I have had alot of huge influences and still find myself influenced by people everyday . early i looked up to alot of 90′s california graffiti TWIST ,AMAZE ,GREY ,GESO ,KR ,JASE ,SOPE, FELON ,GIANT ,DREAM AND THE TDK FAMILY ,BLES AND FATE ALL OF AWR , KING 157 , just to name a few i can go on and on . i have to say IOU 189 *daver* showed me around san francisco early .i got most of my eary spots done with my good friend YESR rip we would load a back pack up with spray,markers,stickers and stay out untill the sun came up to me he will always be a king and iam blessed to have known him. years later i started hanging out with KING 157 RTM + JASE J.E. BA CREW both were very kind to show a young  kid how to hit freight trains . today i’am influenced by almost everyone in some way or another . people who i would say keep my fire lit or keeps me active are my crew members and friends

4. Favourite city and why ?

MIAMI FLORIDA . not only cause my peoples are from there but the nightlife,beach,food,painting,people,and weather are unbeatable

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