Begr gets interviewed

May 17, 2013

Begr gets interviewed


Begr reps more crews than any writer out there and has certainly turned up his output in the last few years. The guys over at Skate all Cities caught up with him to gain some perspective on who the man behind the name is.



State your name and what crews are you currently repping?
BEGR WGE, D30, TWB, NSF, FTMD, WMD, RTM, THR, BTUF, BMB & WAI. I rep for alot of crews.

What was your first memories of getting into writing?
The first real graffiti that I saw was the letters UFO from TMF.  He had a few spots near my house.  I always looked at it and thought to myself, “What is this?”  I also noticed gang graffiti at that time, but those UFO spots filled in with white and a big black fat cap outline really caught my attention.

There’s always a story behind a writer choosing his name.  How did you end up with yours?
When I first started I wrote so many names but wanted to write something that was not taken.  I was writing Eger, but there was an Oakland writer that wrote Eager TMP, HS so I knew that I was going to have to change it.  At that time one of my friends wrote Beam and I loved the way the B-E connected while doing flow tags, so I came up with the word Beger, then later changed it to Begr to shorten it up.

Did you ever dabble with other names before writing BEGR?
Yeah I wrote alot of names when I was a kid, but I’ve held down the name Begr since 1993.  I know that there are a few other Begr’s out there and I’m not pressing them at all.  I’ve been around 20+ years and only had 1-2 slow years.  I’m comfortable with who I am and will continue to contribute to the culture of writing.

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