Grady Gordon ''You Remind Me of Someone I've Never Met'' @ Gallery 51, Denver

October 09, 2012

Oakland, California-based artist Grady Gordon has been championed on the Juxtapoz site for his unique method of creating monotype prints. The artist just opened a new solo show, You Remind Me of Someone I've Never Met at Gallery 51 in Denver, Colorado, featuring a new series of monotype works and catalogue. Juxtapoz contributing writer Gabe Scott curated the show.

About Grady:

Grady Gordon was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has long harbored a fascination with the 'Kachina' wood carvings of the Native American tribes originating from that region. These works depict various spirits relevant in multiple cultures, and have allowed him to investigate the world beyond our visible limit.  These fascinations have lead him to explore similar cultural beliefs and interpretations of paranormal myth and folklore. The subject of this new survey is the Scandinavian belief in the Vardoger, which is believed to be a form of 'spirit predecessor'. Stories of Vardoger encounters describe a type of reverse deja vu; a voice, footsteps or appearance of a person precedes them in a location or activity. This results in witnesses believing they've seen or heard that person before they are actually present. This phenomenon has been likened to some individuals having a phantom double or the concept of biolocation, in which an individual seems to appear at two different locations at the same time.

The show will be up through October 2012...