Good Wood 2012 Skateboard Art Exhibition

May 15, 2012


Our good friends at Power House Productions in Detroit, whom we worked with during our 15th Anniversary fundraiser in 2009-10, is putting on a skateboard art exhibition fundraiser, Good Wood, for the Ride It Sculpture Park that is going in the neighborhood close to where Juxtapoz bought houses in 2009. The online bidding auction begins on May 19, and the art show that coincides with the auction begins on May 26 in Detroit.

From the Good Wood Auction:

Featuring custom works from 80+ artists on crusier decks priced at a reasonable starting bid of $50. Most works by local detroit creatives and a few international artists and skateboard pros sprinkled in the mix. 100 decks adorning the walls at 10-22-9. Each one unique from the next and leaving it up to the consumer to decide if it's a one of a kind cruiser deck or an object that should hang on a wall. The starting bid mimics a retail skate deck price in order to guarantee every deck is sold.

100% off the Good Wood proceeds will be donated to Power House Productions Ride It Sculpture Park in Detroit.

We're very excited to be a part of this positive activity in detroit and hope to raise as much as we can to build the park and provide complete skateboards and equipment to kids in need.

Here is Don Pendleton's board, cover artist of the new June 2012 issue...



Ben Horton:


Thomas Campbell, cover artist of the April 2007 issue:


Lance Mountain: