Gerhard Richter: November

February 14, 2013

Gerhard Richter's artistic career has traversed a whole range of impeccably technical and precise paintings to large laboriously squeegeed abstractions and many things inbetween, all of which have further enriched his fascinatingly labyrinthine oeuvre. His November series comprised of spilled ink images on paper executed with the incorporation of benzene, acetone and black tushe in order to create a variegated range of tones and colors is a wonderfully controlled experiment with chance and intent blending into a collection of 54 works on 27 individual sheets of paper with each side of each sheet performing as its own image. First created in 2008, they have been put aside until recently when Heni Publishing has taken this beautiful project up to make what looks to be a equally beautiful book. www.gerhard-richter.com