Emilio Rangel "Genealogía" @ Terreno Baldío, Mexico City

May 24, 2012

Our partners and colleagues in Mexico City just let us know about a fantastic new exhibition by Emilio Rangel, who just opened a brand new exhibit in Mexico City, Genealogía at Terreno Baldío Gallery. This is Ragnel's first works since his acclaimed The Whore of Babylon exhibition. The works appear to be sculptural fusings of part human and animal qualities, with futuristic, tribal characteristics applied in their uniforms.

From our team at Juxtapoz Latin America:

Genealogía is a work in progress, a body of work that began in 2008. From existing animals, including humans modeled to scale, Emilio takes the most relevant features of two specimens and crosses them together, creating a whole new species. Genealogía has over 500 pieces and will be exhibited until 18 August in Mexico City.