Future Colors of America @ Fecal Face Dot Gallery, SF

January 20, 2012
Tonight at Fecal Face Dot Gallery in San Francisco, Future Colors of America (the trio of Aiyana Udesen, Matt Furie,and Albert Reyes), open a new collaborative show featuring over one hundred new pieces with an emphasis on horror, Lindsay Lohan, and naked ladies. Sounds good to us. This is Future's third exhibition at Fecal Face.

The Gallery notes of the early beginnings of FCA, "Many hours were spent entertaining each other through visual drawing jokes. Many top-secret drawing techniques were traded. Many mysteries were solved/ created and, to keep the fun rolling, the trio began mailing back and forth unfinished drawings for the other(s) to complete. This routine of postal collaboration has led to approximately twenty-million pieces of art on mat board, bristol board, or book covers, depending on which artist started the work." And now, they are covering the gallery with over a hundred new pieces.




Future Colors of America


Collaborative works by Matt Furie, Alvert Reyes, and Aiyana Udesen
Opens Friday, January 20

Fecal Face Dot Gallery

San Francisco, California